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About Us

from Startup to Scaleup and beyond

After many years in the corporate world as well as the start-up phase of businesses, our founders, Mike & Ash, being 2-business savvy CFO's (and CEO’s) stumbled into the broader Startup realm during the COVID pandemic. 

And what an experience its been...

Whilst working alongside various startups they identified an uncanny similarity in the way these businesses operated. 

They realised that the needs and challenges that businesses faced were 'same same but different'. 

 The needs generally revolved around the requirement to have a broad range of expert skills to take the business to the next level, but not requiring these skills on a full time basis.  Or requiring guidance and help but not wanting to deal with “corporate speak” and complex solutions that never see the light of day (and often costs lots of money!).


So, in late 2022, with their powers combined, they opened 'The Startup Nerds', with the aim of helping as many small and medium sized businesses take their products, teams and organisations to the next level.  

Meet Our Founders

About Mike.

Mike is an experienced C-suite business professional with over 20 years in both the public and private sector.  


From complete startups to working in large international corporates, Mike’s seen the good, the bad and ugly of what doesn’t and does work.
Mike’s approach is to focus on practical and simple solutions and has a track record of achievement in providing strategic insights and operational business solutions across a  diverse range of industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, wellbeing, insurance, B2C subscription, real estate and banking.
His sweet spots are strategy and risk, business and financial leadership, commercial management, risk management, investment activities, capital raising and treasury.

About Ash.

Ashley is a Chartered Accountant and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors with vast experience in setting up and managing finance teams and prides herself in being a Jack of all Trades in Finance and Business.

She started out in the audit world at Grant Thornton where she gained international experience in South Africa, USA and Australia. Thereafter she spent the rest of her career in the Corporate world, learning the ropes of whats its like to be on the other side of the fence until reaching C-Suite level.

Having been product owner for an accounting sub-ledger development for over 2 years, she is a true tech enthusiast and believes that selecting the right software tools, at the right time is key to any organisations success.   

Her other strengths include corporate governance, accounting advisory, strategy, leadership coaching, corporate structuring and tax planning. 


Outside of work Ash loves to spend time in nature, be active and read anything she can get her hands on. 

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