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Let's raise capital

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or part of an established business, raising capital can be daunting.


We are here to help and offer services from start to finish.



We offer a comprehensive suite of services that help you along your fundraising journey.


Before you start

Before jumping into a capital raise you'll need to prepare your company due dilligence:


Prepare your docs and perfect your pitch


Raise Capital


Cap table

Let us help put your documentation together in preparation for your capital raise. Our services include:

We take the burden out of your hands and offer a variety of services including co-ordinating the process of raising capital. Our services include: 

Do not underestimate the complexity of maintaining a compliant cap table. We can help you to: 

  • Perform a company valuation

  • Assess market size & opportunity

  • Develop company milestones (KPI's)

  • Prepare a capital table

  • Build an employee stock option 

  • Prepare financial projections

  • Develop pitch deck

  • Prepare your term sheet

  • Provide pitch coaching 

  • Get to know your numbers in depth

  • Identify investors

  • Facilitate investor meetings

  • Plan investor roadshows

  • Facilitate investor feedback

  • Act as your CFO or advisor during the roadshow

  • Term sheet negotiation

  • Post cap raise - maintain a capital table for your business

  • Update your financial records

  • Complete compliance update with ASIC 

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